Over 100 years ago,  Washington State, Seattle and
the US Army Corps of Engineers joined forces to create a
Commercial Navigation Route to Develop the City of Seattle.


Today, the Locks contribute over $1.2 Billion/yr. to the Seattle economy and are the Nation's busiest with over 40,000 vessels/yr.

Boats 'lock thru'  24 hours/day, except during maintenance.


In addition, significant salmon runs pass through the Locks and Fish Ladder that can exceed 150,000 adult salmon per year.


Federal funding for the Locks is based on Value of commercial cargo,
which is a very small percentage of actual needs.


The Locks, Fish Ladder, Gardens & Admin Building are Seattle Icons and a top tourist site with over 2.0 million visitors/yr.


As a result of underfunding (see report), the Aging Locks (see video) are in serious need of operational repairs and upgrades.  Operational funding comes from Congress and this is being addressed.  


The Problem - No fees can be charged for commercial ships, private boats or visitors.  Even daily scheduled tours and summer concerts are free.

Why the Locks Need Help