The Locks & Ship Canal were built over 100 years ago as a
Commercial Navigation Route to Develop the City of Seattle.

Today the Chittenden Locks contribute over $1.2 Billion/yr to the Seattle economy and host over 1.5 million visitors/yr.   Yet, no fees are collected for either boats or visitors and there is no funding support from either Seattle or tourism related activities.


While the National Park Service and the Corps of Engineers have the same number of recreational visitors, the Corps does not include public education or recreation in its mission statement..

Why the Locks Need Your Donations for Visitor Education Programs
Here at the Locks, fund raising is being done by the Corps Foundation and Discover Your Northwest.
Se e how your donations are being used at the Locks.

 In fact, the Corps of Engineers has been reducing budgets and closing visitor facilities nationwide.


 Non profits and local friends groups have taken up the slack to maintain visitor facilities and education.