Carl S. English Jr.

Botanical Garden

A very popular part of the Locks complex where you can stroll through 7 acres of exotic trees and plants or just relax on the grass and enjoy a picnic or free summer concet.   Also a favorite outdoor wedding venue (Click Photos)...all separated from the bustle of Seattle, "an Oasis in the City".

Carl S. English, Jr. was hired by the Army Corps in 1931. For over 40 years his vision and expertise as a horticulturist and botanist transformed the area into a lovely English estate style garden...think Downton Abbey.    Carl retired in 1974 as one of the Northwest's leading horticulturists. He is credited with the discovery and naming of three rare plants -Talinum okanoganense (fameflower), Lewisia rupicola (bitter root), and Claytonia nivalis (spring beauty). Carl also helped to develop the waterside plantings along the Fremont and Montlake Cuts that are part of the Lake Washington Ship Canal.
Today, it is Federal property operated by professional gardeners of the Army Corps of Engineers.

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