News Update

Hiram's Scavanger Hunt, on February 26, sponsored by the Lockspot Cafe, was a success.  In spite of foul weather, the fun event raised $1,500 towards renovating the Locks Fish Ladder viewing area.  Thanks so much to the Lockspot for the event and for serving Locks visitors for over 70 years.

FREE Centennial Coins (Pressed Pennies) available at the Visitor Center.   Choose from 4 designs, get all 4 if you want.   Normally there is a charge but during the Centennial, they are free.
There are nearly 50 other pressed penny locations in Washington State.
We encourage purchasing ($5.50) a collector's book to put your coins in....proceeds go to Locks education programs.

News Release

$400,000 Gift/Grant given toward Upgrades to the Ballard Locks Fish Ladder Viewing Area.

Jim Adams (left) of Discover Your Northwest and Rich Deline of the Corps Foundation, two non-profits supporting visitor education at the Locks, accept the check from Claire Bishop of the C. Keith Birkenfeld Memorial Trust.

Col. John Buck, (Right) Seattle District Commander, US Army Corps of Engineers,  acknowledges the single largest gift nationally to a Corps of Engineers facility.