Tour Information TOURS

Free Scheduled Tours (Wheelchair Accessible):

School Group Tours:

School group tours must be scheduled at least a month in advance.   Otherwise, smaller school groups (under 8) can just join the Free Public Tours on a 'First Come First Served Basis'

Custom Private Group Tours are donation-based and led by experienced subject matter experts. Custom tours include information not available on free scheduled tours and are tailored to your specific time,  needs and interests.  Custom tours are limited to custom tour guide availability and require at least 30 days advance planning and approval. 

Custom Private Group Tours:

Water-Based Tours:

The Locks are impressive when seen from the water.  We recommend either Argosy Cruises or Ballard Kayaks...Proud Supporters of the Locks.

Learn more about Custom Private Group Tours?  

Free daily walking tours start at 2:00pm on days the Visitor Center is open.  Tours start at the Visitor Center and last about an hour.  You can join a tour anytime, no registrations are required. 
If your group is larger than 8 people and/or you want a tour tailored to a desired time and your needs, you might want to consider a Custom Private Group Tour.